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MTFers win the KTH Innovation Award



Tim Yates, Tim Palm and Vahakn Matossian (L-R) have won the KTH Innovation grand prize of 50,000 Swedish kroner for their ‘LoopFree project’, which was created during the #MTFLabs in Stockholm last month.

#MTFLabs at ZKM



#MTFLabs at the legendary ZKM in Karlsruhe: a 24-hour intervention from Saturday, 27th of October, taking forward a bunch of awesome projects and collaborations from #MTF Stockholm, through performance, hacking and experimentation.

MTF partners with KTH Innovation to seed new startups



One of the most important things at Music Tech Fest is that new projects and ideas that start at the festival can be supported and encouraged to go on and have a life beyond it.

Prof Danica Kragic leads Robotics and AI at #MTFLabs



It’s hard to imagine someone who absolutely embodies the synthesis of cutting edge scientific research and human creative expression that we champion at Music Tech Fest more than the inspirational Professor Danica Kragic.

The jawdropping moment at #MTFLabs Helsinki



Every time we assemble a diverse group of brilliant and talented people from the wider MTF community, something happens beyond even our high expectations.

A new methodology for the altered industry landscape



Stromatolite’s Music Tech Fest announces the launch of a new innovation management methodology: The Industry Commons.

All innovation is social innovation



New technologies are often blamed for an array of societal problems including precarious employment, economic exclusion and social division. The reason for this impact is clear: all technologies are human technologies.

New literacies in the physical internet



The MTF community explores the intersection between music and innovation. It’s key to what we do – and the innovation that comes out of this space often goes far beyond musical performance.

#MTFSparks Liège



We gathered 14 young people aged between 12 and 16 in Liège and spent the day with them building handmade musical instruments, software and devices.

Michela Magas wins EU Woman Innovator of the Year



“This award is shared by the 5000 or so creative innovators – both women and men – who form the Music Tech Fest community…”

A global community of innovators



“It was a brilliant community of people ranging from neuroscientists to musicians, to projection mapping and fashion designers. It was an orchestra of mediums, and with all the collaborative excitement surrounding us, we had to push it to the max…”

Interview with Michela Magas



“On International Women’s Day, 8th March 2017, the European Commission will announce the three winners of the 2017 Women Innovators Prize. Stromatolite’s Michela Magas is one of nine finalists for these prestigious awards…”

#MusicBricks hits 5.5 million impacts!




The hashtag #MusicBricks has registered 5,5 million impacts on Twitter one year after the toolkit release.

A #MusicBricks patent is filed




The newly formed Swedish company Sojaner AB has patented technologies deveolped with #MusicBricks. The Swedish Patent Application No. 1650637-0 filed – “Headphone system” is under embargo until November 2017.

#MusicBricks project receives Ars Electronica Jury Nomination




#FindingSomethingBondingSound receives the Ars Electronica STARTS Prize Jury Nomination for achievements at the crossover between science and art.

#MusicBricks accessibility success is featured in national media




#HiNote has featured on the BBC and in the Guardian newspaper in the UK, on Radio Eins in Germany and on Portuguese National Television.

#MusicBricks incubatee listed in Forbes' 30 under 30




Airstrument’s Matan Berkowitz has been listed in Forbes’ 30 under 30 top entrepreneurs in Israel.

R-IoT lined up for production




The #MusicBricks Tangible User Interface – the Ircam-developed R-IoT – has been batch tested for commercial production. Talks are being conducted between #MusicBricks and major global distributers for large scale deployment.

Director of #MusicBricks awarded Innovation Luminary



Michela Magas has been awarded Innovation Luminary 2016 for Creative Innovation at the Open Innovation 2.0 in Amsterdam.



We run projects that join the dots between arts and sciences, industry and academia, groundbreaking research and market adoption, creation of tools and hands-on invention.



Seeding ideas by putting ground-breaking research into the hands of creative developers, hackers, makers and artists.


Incubating ideas to commercial prototype under mentorship by top research engineers and in partnership with industry.


Testing new products with early adopters, gathering data and creating new business models.


Above are just some of our contributors. For a longer list check the Music Tech Fest ecosystem.


Stromatolite is a company registered in England with company number 07622613.